Saracens Advice Philosophy

We are strong believers that planners should be remunerated for tailored strategic advice that is not influenced and tainted by product manufacturers or product sales. With our client focused values, we believe in value driven, long term, relationship style financial planning which allows us to truly understand the needs and priorities of our successful partnered clients.

Our strategic focused advice is designed in the best interest of our partnered clients offering sound, meaningful and relevant advice.

Our boutique sized practice gives significant added advantage for our selected clientele and planners who are best placed to build successful long term relationships with our partnered clients. Our practice size truly allows us to understand a partnered clients financial needs in detail and which objectives are most important to them.

We believe that planners should focus on their core competencies which are what they do best and outsource their non-core competencies to experts in their respective fields. This ensures our partners receive 'best of breed' advice across all areas of their financial situation.