Saracens Advice Process

We understand that our most important and unique partner is you.

The Saracens partner advice process provides us with valuable insight to thoroughly work through issues methodically and efficiently allowing for customised and personalised strategic advice that is most appropriate for you.

Our advice process is defined by Saracens 'values based' philosophy which identifies your priorities relative to their importance which is underpinned by our understanding of your personal needs, goals and objectives.

  • Understanding how we work with you
  • Understanding you, your unique values & goals
  • Discovery
  • Identifying gaps options & scenario testing
  • Advice presentation & implementation
  • Annual Planning

Understanding how we work with you

Integral to the successful development of initial advice and long term success of ongoing financial advice in achieving your personal and financial objectives is to interpret and indentify your priorities and those which are most important to you.

Without the knowledge and understanding of this core foundation may misalign your personal and financial objectives and in essence your financial planning strategy may be ineffective and inefficient.

Understanding you, your unique values & your goals

Integral in developing appropriate customised advice is us getting to know and understand you. We want to know everything about you and with you being the centre of our advice, the more we know about you the greater the effectiveness of the advice.


Your commitment to engage Saracens to create your customised strategic advice will move you one step closer in realising what is most important to you. With your commitment Saracens will begin its in-depth discovery to develop and create the most appropriate advice for your current life stage with your true personal values the core foundation.

In our discovery we will seek to indentify and understand your current and future challenges with our partner advice process which practices our Saracens 'values based' philosophy. This allows us to develop the most appropriate advice with our strategic input edging you one step closer to achieving what really matters to you.

Identifying gaps, options and scenario testing

Your customised advice is developed by modelling different financial scenarios and analysing which is the most appropriate for you. The most appropriate modelled scenario is recommended with detailed reasons explaining as to how we have come to our conclusions.

Advice presentation and implementation

Once your customised advice is complete we will present this to you and discuss in detail the reasons why and how we have come to our respective conclusions.

Annual Planning

Our partners are unique, successful people who are generally time poor and realise the value of ongoing advice to achieve their financial objectives. The initial advice provided is a mere snapshot of where you are today and how you can get there tomorrow. Therefore, a prudent financial strategy is never a 'set and forget' strategy.

With time, a new direction, changing life situations, changing priorities, changing goals and objectives, our 'Annual planning' days which incorporate 'progress reviews' as part of our 'Partnership Program' ensure your financial strategies remain appropriate for you. Reaching 'financial bliss' is not achieved overnight and therefore the true realisation of the value of the advice you receive may take several years before the foundation is built and the true benefits can transpire.